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Austria is a one of the affluent nations of Europe with a stable economy. Austria welcomes overseas nationals to reside and work in Austria in order to contribute to the countrys economy. People who want to migrate to Austria can choose Austria red white red card. This card is a better option to migrate and settle in Austria permanently.

Austria red white red card

The Government of Austria has introduced the Austria red white red card, in order to facilitate the Austria immigration process to foreign nationals and their family members. Individuals are permitted to reside and work in Austria for a period of 12 months.

The process of Austria red white red card involves number of processes, procedures, documents and others. Thus, for the successful Austria immigration process approach it is always advisable to take the help of immigration consultants such as Opulentus visa consultancy, which has highly talented and experienced  professionals in the field of Austria immigration process from past several years.  

Eligibility for Austria red white red card

To apply for Austria red white red card, individuals must belong to any of the following category:

  • Highly skilled employees
  • Skilled workers in shortage professions
  • Other key employees
  • Graduates of Austrian colleges and universities pursuing of higher education
  • Self-employed key employees


The Austria immigration process under the red white red card is a point based system and the qualification points varies for each individual based on their eligibility criteria. Our Opulentus visa consultants are here to assists individuals in their Austria immigration process.

Opulentus is ready to serve all the Individuals willing to migrate to Austria. The highly qualified professionals of the firm assess individuals profile completely and thoroughly in order to check whether they can get the minimum points to migrate to Austria. Points are awarded based on the personal and professional skills of the applicants. Opulentus immigration consultants proceed further with the Austria immigration process only after assessing the individual skills.Opulentus, serves as a best option for the people, who wish to avail the best Austria immigration and visa services. Opulentus has successfully processed a record number of Austrian visas.



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